Work with BLZ

Clear eyes

An easy tool is a good tool and a clear understanding of your project is crucial for success. We get involved with the people who use our products and always think about the big picture. Reducing ten clicks to one is a huge deal if you use something every day.

Pay for value, not time.

We don't bill by the hour. Selling time creates a conflict of interest; workers want to beef up timesheets and you want things done quickly. Our services are an investment, they will make more money than they cost, and if that's not the case then we'll be the first to let you know.

Butlers not busboys

We're not your typical software developers. We bring more to the table. We've worked across several industries and have a wide array of life experiences that allow us to fully understand your business and your customers.

Your favourite sweatpants

Like your favourite pair of sweatpants, we're just the right size. Every job is different and we're happy to work with your existing team or, if needed, we have designers and developer partners on speed dial.