We're older than you'd think

BLZ is a web development company in Auckland, New Zealand. Officially founded in 2010, we have nearly 20 years of experience building digital tools. We value relationships, diversity, fairness and pretty much just not being ‘Richards’. We have outside-the-box opinions on modern day companies and how we want to build ours for the future.

Our favourite projects are turning annoying tasks into simple automated workflows that make life better. Our favourite clients see the benefit of these improvements and share our values.


Combine two like minded developers from different corners of the world, incubate in New Zealand for two years and voilá... BLZ. We are small, nimble and eager to collaborate.

Matt Kemp

My favourite colour is grey. I say milk comes by the litre, distance is measured in metres and water freezes at 0 degrees. New Zealand has been my home for the past seven years but prior to that I lived and worked in Australia, the UK and Ireland. When I am not in front of my computer I'm probably spending time with my wife, playing sport or kite surfing.


Kyle Simmons

My favorite color is gray. I say milk comes by the gallon, distance is measured in feet and water freezes at 32 degrees. In earlier lives I developed wind farms in the US and had brief stints in commercial real estate and education. I believe attitude trumps ability. When I'm not in front of my computer I'm probably traveling, cycling or at the movies.